On the Road Again

Getting around India can be quite interesting.  Let’s see, if you don’t want to walk there are bicycles, scooters, cars, busses, bicycle and motorized rickshaws, tractors, 3-wheeled tuk tuks,  camels, horses, buggies, trains, houseboats, canoes,… Of course, there are a unique set of travel rules, too.

The most important things to remember when maneuvering through the obstacle course of India’s highways and byways are, 1) avoid cows and dogs or herds of sheep or goats, or any creature standing, walking or lying on the road, 2) honk not only once, but repeatedly, 3) there is no right of way, or passing lanes (go either right or left, ) 4) the motorized vehicle coming directly at you, should swerve out of the way at the last possible moment, 5) as many men, women, and children that can fit in or on a vehicle will do so (avoid them if they fall in your path, and  6) nirvana may be closer than you think.  All of these you can experience in India.

Enjoy the ride...

music by Willie Nelson, On the Road Again

© Phyllis Nethercot 2016