Dabbawallas of Mumbai

Lunch Box Delivery

Dabbawala in Hindi means “one who carries a box.”  It may be a tiffin (light midday meal)  box, but that is what about 5000 men do every day delivering approximately 200,000 lunches.  Using an intricate coding system lunches are carried by train into the city and then distributed by hand, cart, bicycle, trays - whatever is necessary - in time for lunch.  

IMG 1367

Click on the picture to go to the Official Site of Mumbai Dabbawala website and read about “A Day in the Life of Dabbawalas.”  It’s amazing what they do.

Coding system used to separate and deliver the lunches.

It was amazing to watch them quickly sort each lunch.  You didn’t dare get in their way.

And they are off...

IMG 1377

Watch the dabbawallas in action

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