Khajuraho Monuments

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Khajuraho is a World Heritage site of remarkable historical and archeological importance.  Built between 950 and 1050 CE by the Chandela Dynasty, the temples were miraculously not destroyed by Mughal invaders. The villagers left the temple town and, overgrown and hidden by the forest, it was not until 1838 that it was re-discovered by a British surveyor,  T. S. Burt.   About 25 of the original 85 temples survive. They are fantastic!

The first view of a temple from a distance (I really zoomed in).

               Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, the largest and tallest temple, is dedicated to Shiva

Kandariya Temple on the left, Jagadambi Temple on the right

Chitragupta Temple, Hindu god assigned to keeping the records of ones actions

 Reconstructed Parvati Temple.  Parvati was one  incarnation of the wife of Shiva

The temple domes reflect the 3 religions of Hindu, Buddhist, and Islam

Visvanath Temple, on the left, is dedicated to Lord Shiva

Varaha Temple containing Varaha, the boar reincarnation of Lord Vishnu

Lakshmana Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu

Another view of Lakshmana Temple

This reminds me of a paper cutout, beautiful and delicate

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