Food and Drink

I was a little nervous about the food in India - very spicy food is not for me.  However, Kapil, our guide was very good at pointing out what I should avoid and even had some “not very spicy” food prepared for me.  He didn’t need to worry though, because the many buffets we enjoyed had a wide variety of food, and I never went hungry!  Even some of the street food looked and smelled good, although I would question when the pot it was cooking in was last cleaned.

The bread was delicious!  Hot, buttery, bread.  I could have survived on bread.  Lots of chicken covered in many types of sauces and fish on the houseboat.   Always rice, lentils (yellow were my favorite), paneer, and veggies.  Kingfisher beer in big bottles, masala tea - yum!  Did I mention the warm, buttery naan bread?  Poppers -  they puffed right up when put on the fire.

Of course, there is nothing, nothing like a chocolate brownie Magnum bar to end the day.

IMG 8192

There’s a hot popper on the plate, just waiting to be eaten!

IMG 0268

If you don’t want Indian curry, you can have a Maharaja Mac (either chicken or veggie - corn and cheese patty).  Yes, the fries do taste the same.

In Mumbai, we got to witness the “dabbawalas” sort the lunch boxes for delivery to the workers at their offices. This system is amazing - a process of picking up thousands of lunches from home, carting them to the train where they are sorted according to destination, taken to Mumbai, distributed, resorted, and finally taken to their destination.  All within a matter of hours!  (For a more detailed description of the day in a life of a dabbawala, click on the picture below:) 

IMG 1367

Lunch boxes waiting to be sorted and delivered- thousands a day, all over Mumbai

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