City of Dreams

  • India’s answer to Hollywood is at Film City
  • financial capital and the richest city of India
  • Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum lies right in the middle of Mumbai
  • home to the efficient lunch delivery system of the dabbawallas
  • the world’s most expensive house towers 27 stories
  • Chowpatty Beach where locals gather in the evening to socialize

IMG 1255

Chhatrapati Shivaji Rail Station, known during British times as Victoria Station.  One of the many beautiful buildings in Mumbai.

Gateway to India  was completed in 1924.   As you can see by all the people waiting, it is a huge Mumbai tourist attraction and gathering spot.   It lies on Mumbai Harbor and it is the “Gate” through which the British entered and departed the city.

View of Mumbai and Chowpatty Beach.  This beach is a main gathering place for locals after work and well into the evening hours.

Here the poor live in makeshift homes on the sidewalks outside a high-rise - only separated by a cloth fence.   

IMG 1004

There are many slums in Mumbai, but they also get satellite TV and obviously some have electricity.

One area was like a strip mall where each shop specialized in specific items.  Below they are sorting “things” to re-sell.

IMG 1011

More stuff to sort through

IMG 1040

Along one stretch of road, there were a number of refugees making baskets. They may also live here as well, but I didn’t see any shelters. 

This naked child was running down the busy street until big sister showed up.  That such poverty exists in the richest city in India is depressing.

A visit to a flower market.  

I wonder where all the flowers come from and what they do with them everynight.

The local barber.  The man getting a shave started laughing when I took the photo and got lather in his mouth!

Dhobi Ghat - the “washing place”  where men and women wash and iron clothes by hand

Items are softened in soap in the small concrete tubs, then washed with a brush.  After that, the items are beat against the stone basin until all the dirt is rinsed away.  They are hung to dry and ironed, if needed, with an iron heated by stones.  

Bleached by the sun, the whites were the brightest and whitest! 

Sitting on prime real estate.  I wonder how long before this is gone or re-located.  Hotels, restaurants, and locals use this service.

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe….a fun place in a local park for kids to play in.

Rajabai Clock Tower.  It was designed by a British architect and modeled after Big Ben.  Completed in 1878.  The old and the new.

Impressive Bandra-Worli Sea Link Bridge 

Ticket windows inside Chhatrapati Shivaji Rail Station 

St Thomas Cathedral

Well, I’m just not sure what to make of this picture.  I don’t remember taking it, so I don’t know why a decorated cow is lying on the sidewalk.  Probably a charge to get your picture taken.

Of course, there is always a cricket match going on somewhere, even at the intersection of major streets.

© Phyllis Nethercot 2016