Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city of almost 3 million people and the capital of Argentina.  The people live in one of 48 districts called barrios.  We visited one, La Boca, and stopped at an area called Caminito.  You will see the bright colors of greens, yellows, reds, and blues of the buildings.  Blooming  jacarandas line many streets and a HUGE banyan tree grows near Recoleta Cemetery. Comic characters stood on street corners and hung off of balconies.  Of course,   Pope Francis, native of  Buenos Aires, present, too.    

We also visited the Cementerio de la Recoleta,  a “city of the dead.”  The streets are lined with almost 4700 vaults.  Many are elaborate and well maintained, others have fallen into disrepair.  Basements full of dusty coffins stacked one on top of the other, can often be seen through the doors.   Past presidents, military  leaders, scientists, artists, and  Eva Peron rest here.  

IMG 5578

The mausoleum and land it rests upon is purchased as private property and can be sold, but not replaced. Not sure what happens to the coffins.  


Some are very ornate

IMG 5588

Reminds me of New Orleans, but kept very clean.  Looks like there is a vacancy in the back.

IMG 5591

You can see the the caskets stacked on top of each other in the “basement.”  Wonder how many generations reside here?

Buenos Aires is home to a bookstore that was once the Grand Splendid Theater (what a place to read), the world famouse Teatro Colon Opera House, and the Tango.  We even got Tango lessons and if we forgot the basic steps, they can be found on the sidewalks.  

IMG 5586

Eva Peron rests beside her family.

IMG 5599

What a beautiful theatre it was and now the El Ateneo Grand Splendid  bookstore.


Find a box seat and read.  I would be tempted to people watch, though.

IMG 5595

The stage is now a restaurant


The very sensual Tango was the dance of the working classes in Buenos Aires .  It may well be a blend of the rhythms of the African and music of the European  immigrants  who were brought to Argentina to work in the mid 1800’s

IMG 5513
IMG 5525

IMG 5430

 We were treated to Tango lessons - the basic 7 steps anyway.

IMG 5609

Tango refresher  in the street

We traveled about 18 miles outside of Buenos Aires to the Tigre Delta area - a popular place to “get away from the city.”  

It was a warm and sunny day as we got onto our boat and cruised the canals along with many others

IMG 7028

Getting away for a short holiday in Tigre


Row, row, row your boat…lots of canoers getting a great workout

The canal “store” is docked and open for business

Homes and B & B’s line the canals.  Some are very nice and others are tiny.  Lots of fixer uppers, too.  Some are built on ground level, while others are on stilts.

IMG 6995
IMG 6997

Some are made for a longer stay, while others are just a bit tinier...

We had a great, relaxing  day on the river.   What a wonderful group we had!  Silvia, our group leader even had her sister and niece along on the ride.  

IMG 7006 (1)

Buenos Aires city tour

IMG 5570

Eva Peron

IMG 5458

"During Argentina’s last military dictatorship in 1976-83 some 500 newborns were taken from arrested young opponents of the regime and handed over to military families to be raised as their own. The real parents were murdered.” http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/aug/06/argentinian-grandmothers-find-son-of-woman-murdered-under-dictatorship     

The symbol at the Plaza de Mayo:  "On April 30, 1977, fourteen mothers gathered in the large plaza in front of the government building. The dictatorship prohibited people from gathering in public places, so they began walking around the pyramid in the center of the plaza. The Mothers began to identify themselves by wearing white head scarves to symbolize the diapers of their lost and ‘disappeared’ children.”   Today, DNA has reunited many families, but not all. http://womennewsnetwork.net/2010/10/21/argentina-mothers/

IMG 6935

Giant steel flower that opens its petals by day and closes them at night


Side by side if you are feeling homesick

IMG 0887

Our wonderful hosts for our “home hosted meal,”  Rolando and Megan.  Megan is an American who met Rolando while she was in Buenos Aires attending school.  Wonderful evening discussing soccer (the game was on and Argentina won) and the upcoming  presidential election.  

Our “Welcome Dinner”  - Argentinian steak, good wine, and dulce de leche gelato to finish a wonderful meal.   Oh, yes, and new friends to get to know.

IMG 0871

Salud, Silvia

IMG 0883


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