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The final leg of this journey.  We walk from our hotel in York and hop on board the train to London.

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Arriving in London.  What do I see across from the train station?  FYI - they do call them "fries" and not "chips" as I thought they would.  

IMG 2317

Wait, maybe we should go to Hogwarts….

IMG 2327

Maybe I'll just sit and read at the British Library for a while.

IMG 2337

Parliament, Big Ben, Piccadilly, Chinatown

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Westminster Abbey - very impressive with all its history.  The site of coronations, weddings, and burials was founded in 960.  

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Along the Thames to the Tower of London

London Eye

IMG 2468

Is this the TARDIS ?  Oh, Doctor, Doctor?

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St. Paul's Cathedral, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, is Britain's symbol of resistence.  Dedicated firemen prevented the Nazi's from destorying it despite 57 nights of bombing in WWII.

IMG 2487

St. Paul's and the pedestrian Millennium Bridge

IMG 2490

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre - very nice replica and excellent productions.  You can sit or be upclose to the stage and mingle with the "peasants"

IMG 2491

The modern buildings seem out of place in the midst of all London's history.   

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Tower Bridge with 2012 Olympic Rings displayed.

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Tower of London - has been a royal residence, a prison, execution site (think Anne Boelyn) and home to the crown jewels. Prisoners entered from the Thames through the "Traitor's Gate"

IMG 2519

Traitor's Gate from inside the Tower.

IMG 2573

Beefeaters are the Yeoman Warders whose job it was to guard the Tower,  its prisoners, and the jewels.  The now provide entertaining tours.

IMG 2579

Legend says that the Tower will fall if the ravens ever leave.

IMG 2543

Guarding the Queen's jewels.

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