Hadrian's Wall, Roman Vindolanda 

Hadrian's Wall was a Roman built rock wall extending from the North Sea to the Irish Sea.  It was anywhere from 5-10 feet wide and 15 to 20 feet tall, depending on available materials. Built beginning in about 122, it was probably Hadrian's way of keeping the "barbarbians" to the north out of his empire.  Only sections remain today, as the rock has been used over the years by the locals in their rock walls and houses.

  (Wikipedia Commons)

IMG 1916

Here I am 25 years or so ago sitting on Hadrian's Wall near Carlisle (I think).  Here I am today in my Christmas picture.

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As exciting as Hadrian's Wall, we meet a herd of sheep coming down the road.  

IMG 1970

Remains of a Roman fort are being excavted nearby a section of the wall.  It had a great musuem full of actual Roman artifacts found in excavating.

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Stopping in Hexham for lunch, we didn't have much time to visit the Hexham Abbey, but it was very beautiful.

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