Lodging and Food

I felt like I was in an African tented spa - the staff welcoming each time we arrived.   The lodging was fantastic.  The "tents" clean and very spacious. Comfortable beds and that occasional lion roar or elephant munching outside the tent to help you fall asleep.   Daily laundry if you need it. The food was plentiful and fresh - no preservatives!  Homemade bread everyday!  Tea time break during the morning drive,  a snack before departing for the evening game drive, and a stop at sunset for the evening "sundowner" in the bush.  Drinks and water always available in the lodge.   Traditional meal and entertainment at the end of each stay.  Can you imagine a cool African winter night, teak firewood burning to warm you while you sit back and look at the Southern Cross and Scorpio amidst the Milky Way.    What more could you ask for?  Oh,yes -what about the lodge "loo with a view."  

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